Best Camera For Runners

Running is a great way to burn some fat and hone your mind and body. Its popularity has grown over the years with more and more people choosing this form of exercise for its accessibility and low barrier to entry. Several companies have taken note of this and a result, the market is now flooded with running accessories. If you run often, you’ll know that there are some great sights to be seen and funny incidents which happen when you’re out jogging. Active cameras give you the ability to record these moments and edit using laptop for travelling  to share them with your friends and family. You won’t need to get stuck up which cannon to get cause there is a lot more good brands to select from. Let’s go over some of the best ones that you can get.

1. TomTom Bandit

This is one of the best-looking cameras that’s available. Its red and white design is elegant looking and eye-catching. It’s quite unlike anything from other brands. The quality of the video recordings that this camera takes is quite good and should suffice for the purpose of showing your perspective while running. While it is capable of recording footage in 4K resolution, the frame rate in this mode is not adequate. 15 fps is far too low for a video recording and will make the footage appear jumpy and not smooth. Otherwise, it’s great in 1080p mode and has a nice integrated mic too.

Pros: Striking design, inbuilt GPS and Wifi, waterproof
Cons: High price, bulky and heavy, 15 fps recording in 4K mode

2. Veho Muvi K2 Pro

This camera gets a lot of things right. Its 1,500 mAh battery unit is capable of running the camera for 3 hours. There’s an LCD screen to display what you’re recording and to navigate the UI. The image quality is the most important aspect of a camera and this model from Veho doesn’t disappoint in that regard either. With XA-9 processor inside powering it, it can record 1080p footage at 60 fps. Bumping the resolution up to 2.7K takes the fps down to 30. You’ll want to avoid recording videos in 4K as the low 15 fps won’t be smooth.
What sets this camera apart from the competition is the fact that it comes bundled with many helpful accessories for free. A rugged carrying case and various mounts are included as standard.

Pros: Great value for money, many free accessories included, long battery life, inbuilt G-sensor
Cons: Not waterproof without case, 4K footage not smooth, hard to press buttons

3. GoPro Hero5

Any list of portable video cameras is incomplete without an entry from GoPro. The company has long been the leader in this market and was one of the first to implement the concept of a small, durable camera for active people. While it’s cost may be prohibitive to some, GoPro’s latest model, the Hero5 represents the best camera for runners. It’s not hard to see why as it produces some of the best quality footage that you can expect from a camera of its size.
Even though the there’s a 2-inch LCD screen at the back, it’s mainly there to aid you in changing the camera’s settings quickly. If you want to view the photos and videos you’ve taken, you’ll have to pair the device with your smartphone. Your smartphone can display footage through the GoPro app, available for Android and iOS, in better detail than any integrated display can.
Since it’s a GoPro, there’s a dearth of accessories available for it and you won’t have trouble finding something that suits your requirements. A chest mount or head mount, in particular, would go quite well with this model.

Pros: Waterproof, durable, 4K recording at 30 fps, long battery life
Cons: Expensive, lack of included accessories