Comfortable suit for runners

Running is a physically intensive exercise which requires
comfortable clothing to reduce friction and absorption of sweat.Wrinkles on clothes create more friction, better to use steamer( for it for easier and faster clothes care. Designers have mastered the challenges in the field and designed tailor-made suits just for runners. The type of cloth you wear has a huge impact on your running speed and overall performance whether you are a novice or an expert in the industry.

What constitutes a comfortable running suit?

A stretchable and body hugging suit is an ideal attire for a runner. A fabric with high elasticity and high absorption features makes the runner comfortable and relaxed irrespective of the amount of sweat. Linen and cotton have the best qualities for a runner. The aspect of style should not be overlooked, for example, when running for charity, you should have fun and portray a sense of style in your attire. Here are a few qualities to consider


Running involves a lot of stretching of the limbs. A luxurious running suit should not limit you from enjoying your 180 degrees stretch. Choose a running attire which does not display all the curves and make people uncomfortable especially plus-size women, let the stretching fabric hold you tight at the same time let you run around with ease.

Water absorption

Running is characterized by sweating, you do not have to always get distracted by wiping sweat all the time when doing your run. Let the cloth have a high sweat absorption, at the same time it should be too light such that it makes a pool of water in your body.

Light fabric

The fabric used as a running suit must be as light as possible. A heavier fabric tends to add more weight slowing down your running speed. It can be a discouragement when timing your running speed due to slow progression.

Heat regulator

The best running suit should be able to regulate the amount of moisture through proper aeration of the body to regulate the body temperature. This helps your body to adopt the prevailing atmospheric conditions. This type of fabric also helps to minimize the emergence of blisters and other body inflammations.

High performance

Just like the activity, you need a fabric which is able to release moisture and sweat away from the skin to avoid long contact hours with the skin. This will reduce friction between the skin and clothing which results in many other body complications.

Free air flow

Comfortable running suits should be able to allow you the runner to breathe freely making you more comfortable in your running performance. This increases evaporation rate, meaning there is minimal contact time with the skin.

Any material with cotton is the worst fabric for a running suit. Synthetic fibers have most of the required qualities for a good running suit. Synthetic fabrics also have efficient laundering instructions. You can also not forget the durability of the fabric as well as your budget for the attire.

The type of fabric is just a tip of the iceberg for a comfortable running attire. Other factors to consider include body size, the type of run, budgetary constraints and availability of the clothing in the market.